Drifting remote control (RC) cars has become an increasingly popular hobby over the past decade. The excitement of sliding your car around corners and kicking up smoke as you link one drift into the next is thrilling. Choosing the right RC drift car body is an important part of building a competitive drift machine. The body impacts the car’s weight balance, aerodynamics, and aesthetics. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best RC drift car bodies on the market today.

What is an RC Drift Car Body?

An RC drift car body is the exterior shell that provides the unique styling and appearance of the model. Drift car bodies are typically made from lightweight polycarbonate or ABS plastics, modeled after real-life sports cars and sedans that are popular in the drifting scene. The body sits on top of the chassis and is designed to be aerodynamic, helping provide downforce and traction for optimal drift handling. RC drift bodies are also designed to be removable so drivers can easily customize their look and maintain the car. The shape and style of the body affects the balance and performance of the drift car. Attention to visual details with graphics, decals and paint helps RC drift car bodies closely replicate the real-life cars they are modeled after.

List of the Best RC Drift Car Bodies

Check out the thorough review of the best RC drift car bodies below.

1. Goolsky Killerbody 48646 Skyline (R34) RC Drift Car Body

1. Goolsky Killerbody 48646 Skyline (R34) RC Drift Car Body

With its exquisite design replicating the iconic Skyline GT-R, the Goolsky Killerbody 48646 body shell offers RC enthusiasts an exciting way to build their dream car. Made from durable 0.9mm polycarbonate, this Japanese import provides a high-quality finished shell perfect for 1/10 scale electric touring cars. Equipped with an array of realistic details like light buckets, mirrors, and a rear wing, it allows for intricate customization possibilities. While the 323g weight may limit speed performance, the strength and 257mm wheelbase match most popular touring car chassis.

For drifting or racing RC fans, this body shell channels the spirit of GT-R performance in a polished package. With four color options, its affordability grants creative freedom. Minor fitment issues can arise but are easily modified. For those seeking an authentic Japanese tuner look, the intricacies and quality of the 48646 make it a top choice for RC touring car builds.

Pros And Cons

  • Authentic Skyline GT-R styling

  • Durable polycarbonate construction

  • Lots of customizable details

  • Affordable price

  • Matches common touring car wheelbases

  • Heavier weight may limit speed

2. Novahobby RC Drift Car Transparent Clear Lexan Body Shell

2. Novahobby RC Drift Car Transparent Clear Lexan Body Shell

For RC enthusiasts seeking an authentic tuner look, novahobby’s 1/10 scale 180SX body shell delivers. Molded from durable Japanese polycarbonate, this lexan body offers realistic Nissan styling. The transparent finish allows for creative paint schemes, while included masks and decals enable builders to replicate the 180SX’s signature details. Though not officially licensed by Nissan, the shell captures the 180SX’s sleek lines in sharp detail. With a 10.1-inch wheelbase, it fits a variety of popular 1/10 touring and drift chassis like the Yokomo BD10 and Tamiya TT02. The plastic light buckets and molded accessories also provide customization options.

While the lexan material keeps the shell lightweight, the included protective film prevents scratches during handling and installation. For RC drivers wanting to build a realistic street tuner, this affordable 180SX body shell provides an ideal starting point. With its authentic style and proven lexan durability, the novahobby 180SX shell lets hobbyists bring their Japanese drift machine dreams to life.

Pros And Cons

  • Authentic 180SX styling

  • Durable polycarbonate lexan construction

  • Transparent for creative paint schemes

  • Fits various 10.1” touring car chassis

  • Includes window masks and decals

  • Not officially licensed by Nissan

3. HSP Drift RC Car Body Shell

3. HSP Drift RC Car Body Shell

For RC enthusiasts seeking a stylish body for their HSP or Redcat Exceed 1/10 scale drift cars, this PVC shell delivers realistic looks without breaking the bank. Molded to fit 260mm wheelbase chassis, its detailing mirrors the lines of popular tuner cars like the Nissan Silvia. While not officially licensed, included stickers featuring brands like Enkei allow further customization. The durable PVC material keeps weight low at 150g for nimble handling. Painting is required for a finished look, but the shell’s neutral white canvas provides flexibility. Installation is straightforward by cutting body posts though the shell, and the included rear wing attaches with basic hardware.

For the price, the quality of the shell itself may not match premium lexan bodies, but budget-minded builders will find it a capable basis for an authentic style drift machine. With a proven fit for the popular Redcat and HSP touring cars, it provides an easy entry point for novice RC drivers seeking a cool, customized ride. While pro racers may want higher-end materials, this affordable body shell lets anyone enjoy realistic tuner looks at a fraction of the cost.

Pros And Cons

  • Fits HSP and Redcat Exceed 260mm chassis

  • PVC material keeps weight down

  • Includes stickers and rear wing

  • Blank canvas for custom paint schemes

  • Very affordable price

  • Requires painting for finished look

4. Novahobby RC Painted Precut Drift Car Body Shell (AE86)

4. Novahobby RC Painted Precut Drift Car Body Shell (AE86)

Novahobby’s precut 1/10 scale AE86 RC body shell provides drift enthusiasts with nostalgic Toyota Corolla styling in a competition-ready package. Molded from durable polycarbonate in the iconic panda color scheme, the 190mm wide shell fits a variety of 10.1-inch wheelbase chassis from Tamiya, Yokomo, and more. The precut design allows for quick installation, while included 3D-printed accessories like side mirrors and wings provide customizable details. At just 2.8oz, the lightweight body maintains nimble handling.

While not officially Toyota-licensed, it captures the classic lines of the AE86 in sharp style. For drifters seeking instant nostalgia without a paint booth, this precut shell delivers. The quality materials and precise sculpting give builders an authentic tuner base. Yet the pre-printed finish does limit creativity compared to clear bodies. Still, the pre-installed details make this precut AE86 a turnkey body that lets novice RC drivers channel their inner drift king right out of the box.

Pros And Cons

  • Precut design for quick install

  • Durable polycarbonate material

  • Iconic panda AE86 coloring and details

  • Fits major 10.1” touring car chassis

  • Includes side mirrors and wings

  • Not officially Toyota licensed

5. Novahobby RC Painted Precut Drift Car Body Shell(S15 Dragon)

5. Novahobby RC Painted Precut Drift Car Body Shell(S15 Dragon)

Bringing legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R style to the RC scene, Novahobby’s precut 1/10 scale S15 Dragon body delivers instant JDM authenticity. Molded from durable polycarbonate, this 190mm wide shell captures the S15’s iconic lines in sharp detail. The vivid Dragon graphics scheme pops straight out of the box, skipping the paint booth for instant track readiness. Designed for 10.1-inch wheelbase chassis, it fits a variety of drift and touring cars from Tamiya, MST and more. At just 2.8oz, the lightweight body maintains responsive handling.

The precut design allows quick mounting, while the included light buckets, side mirrors, wings and more enable further customization. While not officially Nissan licensed, it provides an authentic base for novice and seasoned drifters alike. The pre-finished look does limit creative paint options, but makes this an ideal body for RC fans seeking instant JDM style. For S15 enthusiasts, this high-quality precut shell delivers iconic GT-R inspiration ready to drift right out of the box.

Pros And Cons

  • Pre-painted iconic Dragon S15 graphics

  • Durable polycarbonate material

  • Precut design for quick installation

  • Includes light buckets and accessories

  • Fits major 10.1” wheelbase chassis

  • Not officially licensed by Nissan

How to Choose the Best RC Drift Car Bodies?

Getting into RC drifting? One of the most exciting parts is picking out a stylish body to perfectly complement your drift chassis and help your car perform at its peak. With so many options out there, it can be tricky to know where to start. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal body for your drift build.

1. Match the Body to Your Chassis

The first rule of thumb when selecting a body is making sure it is compatible with your chassis. Most RC bodies are designed for specific chassis makes and models. For example, a body meant for a Yokomo YD-2 chassis will not fit well on a MST CMS chassis. Before purchasing a body, check the chassis compatibility to ensure proper mounting and weight distribution.

When in doubt, reach out to the manufacturer or retailer to confirm fitment. Provide them the make and model of your chassis so they can recommend the best body options. Taking a few minutes to verify this match will prevent major headaches down the road.

2. Consider Weight and Balance

Since drift cars need to hang loose and break traction to initiate slides, balance and weight are critical factors for body choice. Look for a lightweight body constructed from durable ABS or polycarbonate plastic. The last thing you want is extra mass causing your drift machine to plow.

Also consider the body’s dimensions and mount locations to optimize front/rear balance. Wider bodies can increase stability but also add mass, so size accordingly. Make small adjustments to tune handling, but avoid radically changing the overall balance.

3. Prioritize Realistic Styling

For many drifters, aesthetics are just as important as performance. Part of the fun is recreating real-life drift cars like the legendary Toyota AE86 or Nissan Silvia. Look for bodies with realistic proportions, detailing, and graphics applied with care.

Popular stylesReplication is key for naili in the RC drift scene include Japanese drift icons, European sports sedans, and American muscle. While personalization is great, resist the urge to get too crazy. Traditional drift bodies never go out of fashion.

4. Consider Aerodynamics

The shape of your body impacts how air flows over and under your drift car. Smooth, low-profile designs with front splitters and rear diffusers help create balanced downforce for optimal grip.

Subtle spoilers and wings can provide extra rear traction without creating too much drag. Keep aerodynamics in mind depending on your skill level and preferred handling. New drifters can benefit from extra stability, while veterans may opt for more slide-happy configs.

5. Research Quality and Durability

With realistic panels and details, it’s easy to damage fragile drift bodies. Invest in quality construction from reputable brands like Tamiya, Yokomo, MST, or Kyosho to prevent premature cracking or peeling.

Look for details like pre-cut bodies, strong mounting posts, and lexan construction. Take care of your body and it will hold up to repeated wall-kissing and wheel rubs as you link up epic drifts. Quality endurance means more time driving and less time repairing.

Finding the perfect RC drift car body comes down to carefully considering your chassis, performance needs, style preferences, and budget. Following this guide will help ensure you get the ideal look and handling for your creation.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking the Best RC Drift Car Bodies

1. What are the most popular body styles for RC drift cars?

The most popular styles tend to replicate iconic Japanese drift cars like the Nissan Silvia, Toyota AE86, Mazda RX-7, and Nissan 350Z. These low, sleek, and lightweight designs are ideal for maneuverable drifting.

2. What materials are RC drift bodies made from?

RC drift bodies are typically constructed from lightweight polycarbonate or ABS plastics. These durable materials can withstand impacts while keeping weight low. Higher-end bodies also feature lexan construction for flexibility and strength.

3. What design features should I look for in a drift body?

Ideal drift bodies have aerodynamic shapes with smooth contours and minimal protruding details. Front splitters and rear spoilers/diffusers help generate balanced downforce. Wide front fenders and concave door lines lend an aggressive competition look.

4. How do I know if a body is compatible with my chassis?

Manufacturers will specify which chassis their bodies are designed to fit. Always check for compatibility before purchasing. Look for information on the product page or packaging and confirm with the retailer if unsure.

5. Should I get a pre-painted and detailed body or a plain one to customize?

Pre-detailed bodies offer Gorgeous graphics and realistic paint jobs out of the box. But plain white bodies allow for full customization if you want a unique look. Both options have their merits so choose based on your preferences.

6. What upgrades or mods can I make to a drift body?

Common mods include adding weight blocks for balance, installing LED light buckets, cutting out wheel wells for wider tires, and stiffening fragile parts like rear spoilers and side mirrors. Take care not to over-modify and lose realism.

7. How can I prevent damage to my drift body?

Use flexible lexan bodies, install protective film wrap, reinforce vulnerable areas with tape, avoid running into curbs/walls at full speed, and handle the car gently when not driving. Take care of your body and it will hold up.

8. Should I choose form or function when selecting a body?

Strive for a good balance of both. Pick a realistic style you love but make sure it matches your chassis and provides good front/rear balance. Aesthetics and performance go hand-in-hand with drift machines.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the ideal RC drift car body is a fun and exciting part of building your customized drift machine. With so many incredible body styles and details to consider, it can be tough to decide. Start by ensuring you find a body that is compatible with your chassis for proper mounting and weight distribution. Consider the balance, aesthetics, aerodynamics, and quality construction to end up with a body that both looks stunning and helps your drift car’s performance. Replicate your favorite drift machines or create your own look. Part of the beauty of RC drifting is the ability to style these realistic cars exactly how you envision.

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