If you’re looking to take your RC vehicle game to the next level, RC jeep rock crawlers are where it’s at. With their rugged tires, 4-wheel drive, and custom suspensions, these radio controlled trucks are built to conquer the toughest terrain. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting started with RC jeep rock crawling and provide our recommendations of the best RC Jeep rock crawler on the market.

What is a RC Jeep Rock Crawler?

To start, let’s cover the basics of what makes a RC jeep rock crawler. These specialty RC vehicles are modeled after iconic off-road Jeeps like the Wrangler. They feature 4WD or 6WD drivetrains, slow gear ratios for maximum torque, and specialized tires and suspensions designed for climbing over large rocks and rough terrain. While not the fastest RC trucks, rock crawlers are optimized for high levels of control and stability on steep inclines and uneven surfaces. Their low center of gravity, flex of axles, grippy tread, and slow technical driving make them perfect for the rock crawling challenge.

List of the Best RC Jeep Rock Crawlers

Check out the thorough review of the best RC Jeep rock crawler below.

1. Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Trail and Scale Crawler

1. Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco Trail and Scale Crawler

With its highly detailed 1979 Ford Bronco body mounted on Traxxas’ innovative TRX-4 chassis, this 1/10 scale radio controlled trail truck brings retro style together with modern rock crawling capability. Equipped with portal axles that provide huge 13” of ground clearance, the TRX-4 Bronco eliminates chassis twist while traversing rugged terrain. The remote locking differentials and 2-speed transmission with low range gearing optimize traction and torque control for conquering technical obstacles. Waterproof electronics allow driving even in wet conditions.

Powered by a Titan 550 21T motor and XL-5 HV ESC, the rig accepts 2S to 3S LiPo or 6 to 7-cell NiMH batteries for customizable performance. Weighing 9.3lbs, the TRX-4 Bronco measures 22.2” long with a 15” wheelbase for impressive size and stability. With its scale authenticity, innovative portals, and remote transmission controls, this RC crawler handles off-road driving with superb traction and control.

Pros And Cons

  • Iconic 1979 Ford Bronco styling

  • Portal axles greatly improve ground clearance

  • Remote locking diffs and 2-speed transmission

  • Waterproof electronics allow wet running

  • Customizable power with 2-3S LiPo or 6-7 cell NiMH

  • Highly detailed body risks damage on falls

2. Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II Rock Crawler

2. Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II  Rock Crawler

Bringing realism and technology together, the Redcat Racing Gen8 V2 International Scout II delivers impressive scale rock crawling capability right out of the box. Its licensed International Harvester Scout II body sits atop a high-strength C-channel frame with centrally mounted divorced transfer case and front motor position for optimal weight distribution. Equipped with portal axles, 4-link suspension, and aluminum threaded shocks, the Gen8 V2 supplies 73mm of ground clearance and precise suspension articulation over rough terrain. The robust drivetrain with MOD-1 gears provides ample torque, while the dual slipper clutch design allows tuning or locking for customized traction.

Licensed Super Swamper tires mounted on functional 1.9 beadlock wheels generate grip across rocks. With multiple adjustable parameters including wheelbase, ride height, steering geometry, and gear ratios, the Gen8 enables peak performance tuning. Weighing 9.7lbs, the ready-to-run Gen8 V2 Scout II spans 20.6” long with an 11.8” wheelbase for impressive 1/10 scale presence. With its licensed body, adjustable setup, and portal axles, the Redcat Gen8 V2 Scout II brings scale authenticity and innovation to conquer the most extreme rocks and trails.

Pros And Cons

  • Licensed International Scout II body

  • Highly adjustable parameters to tune performance

  • Portal axles increase ground clearance significantly

  • Dual slipper clutch provides customizable traction

  • Beadlock wheels and licensed Super Swamper tires

  • Complex adjustments may overwhelm beginners

3. Axial RC Truck SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler Rock Crawler

3. Axial RC Truck SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler Rock Crawler

Bringing exciting 1/6 scale presence to the crawling scene, the Axial SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler delivers impressive capability and realism. Its durable AR90 axles with heavy-duty spool plus 3-link and 4-link suspension provide optimized articulation and control. The 2-speed transmission with high and low gearing enables customization for technical driving. Massive 7-inch BFGoodrich KM3 tires mounted on licensed 3-piece Primm beadlock wheels generate ample grip and ground clearance up to 4.4 inches. The visually stunning licensed Jeep body with detailed exterior and fully-fitted interior captures the JLU Wrangler’s iconic styling. LED lights add nighttime realism.

Spektrum electronics like the 40kg servo, 120A ESC and DX3 transmitter bring reliable performance plus telemetry via Bluetooth. Weighing 24.7lbs, the RTR SCX6 spans 35 inches long with a 25 inch wheelbase for impressive 1:6 scale presence. With its fusion of scale authenticity, durability, and innovative engineering, the Axial SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler brings next-level adventure to extreme off-road driving.

Pros And Cons

  • First 1/6 scale design based on proven SCX10 III platform
  • Licensed Jeep JLU Wrangler body with beautiful detail
  • Beefy 7-inch tires on licensed beadlock wheels
  • Dig transmission with high/low gearing improves control
  • Spektrum electronics and telemetry via Bluetooth
  • Large 1/6 size may exceed some enthusiasts’ preferences

4. Axial RC Jeep JT Gladiator Rock Crawler

4. Axial RC Jeep JT Gladiator Rock Crawler

Bringing exciting scale trail action, Axial’s SCX10 III Jeep JT Gladiator fuses innovation with superb realism. Its durable AR45 portal axles increase clearance while reducing torque twist, enabled by offset housing and hypoid gears. Metal drivetrain components supply strength, while the 3-link suspension allows tuning for optimized articulation. The multi-piece Gladiator body and bed capture iconic design cues in stunning detail. A three-channel Dig transmission boosts crawler control.

Further realism comes from the scale engine bay housing the brushed motor, which provides balanced weight distribution with the centered battery placement. Spektrum electronics like the DX3 transmitter and 40A ESC/receiver deliver reliable crawling while also offering telemetry via Bluetooth connectivity. With dimensions of 22.4in x 11.6in x 10in and a 14.2in wheelbase, the SCX10 III Gladiator brings an impressive 1/10 scale footprint that’s ready to conquer tough trails.

Pros And Cons

  • Innovative AR45 portal axles increase clearance and reduce torque twist

  • DIG 3-channel transmission enables tighter turning radius

  • Multi-piece Gladiator body with stunning true-to-scale details

  • Balanced weight from front motor and centered battery

  • Spektrum electronics enable telemetry through Bluetooth

  • Battery and charger not included

5. BEEZRC FMS RC Crawler FJ40 Toyota

5. BEEZRC FMS RC Crawler FJ40 Toyota

Bringing iconic off-road style, the 1/10 scale BEEZRC FMS FJ40 RC crawler delivers impressive capability and realism. Its highly detailed Toyota-licensed body authentically captures the classic Land Cruiser’s unmistakable design. Functional features like opening doors and hood further enhance realism. Equipped with 1.9-inch all-terrain tires, 4-wheel drive, C-channel frame, and 4-link suspension, the FJ40 tackles rough terrain with stability and control.

Upgrade-ready with optional leaf spring suspension, it measures 22.5in long with a 13.4in wheelbase and 4.7in diameter tires for scale presence. A brushed 35T motor provides ample crawling power. With dimensions of 6.3in x 7.6in x 3.8in, the 2.4GHz transmitter enables precise control. Bringing together retro design and trail performance, the officially-licensed FJ40 RC crawler immerses drivers in Toyota’s iconic off-road heritage.

Pros And Cons

  • Highly detailed, officially licensed Toyota FJ40 body

  • Functional opening doors, hood and tailgate

  • Upgrade-ready C-channel frame and 4-link suspension

  • All-terrain tires provide grip across surfaces

  • Brushed power system delivers stable crawling power

  • Plastic chassis risks damage from heavy crashes

6. WOWRC RocHobby 1941 MB Scaler RC Rock Crawler Military

6. WOWRC RocHobby 1941 MB Scaler RC Rock Crawler Military

Bringing military history to life, the 1/6 scale WOWRC 1941 MB Scaler replicates the iconic WWII Willys Jeep with impressive scale detail and capable performance. Its army green body features precise pad printing along with realistic accessories like fold-down windshield, shovel, and fuel tank. Equipped with 4WD, 4-link suspension, and oil shocks, it tackles varied terrain with stability and articulation. The 550 35T brushed motor provides ample low-speed torque for crawling technical sections.

LED lights add excitement and realism. With a compatible chassis, adjustable components and large battery compartment, upgrades are easily done for customization. Measuring 25.6in long and 14.2in wide, it spans a realistic 1/6 scale footprint. An included 2.4GHz transmitter enables precise control. For WWII enthusiasts or RC adventurers, the 1941 MB Scaler immerses you in history while delivering rugged off-road fun.

Pros And Cons

  • Highly detailed 1/6 scale 1941 Willys Jeep body

  • Realistic accessories like shovel, fuel tank, folding windshield

  • 4WD with 4-link suspension and oil shocks

  • 550 brushed motor for stable crawling power

  • LED lights for enhanced realism

  • Precise suspension tuning takes time and experience

7. Axial RC Jeep JLU Wrangler

7. Axial RC Jeep JLU Wrangler

Delivering scale crawling excitement out of the box, Axial’s SCX10 III Jeep JLU Wrangler combines innovation and realism. Its portal axles increase ground clearance while reducing torque twist, enabled by offset housing and internal gears. The dig transmission with two-speed option enables customization of technical control. A multi-piece Jeep body captures iconic design in stunning detail. The scale engine bay with full housing protects the motor while adding realism.

Spektrum electronics like the DX3 transmitter and 40A ESC receiver provide robust performance and Bluetooth telemetry. With a size of 22.4in x 11.6in x 10in and 14.2in wheelbase, the SCX10 III Jeep brings imposing 1/10 scale presence ready for trails.

Pros And Cons

  • Innovative portal axles increase clearance and reduce torque twist

  • Dig transmission enables tighter turning radius

  • Multi-piece Jeep body with stunning true-to-scale details

  • Scale engine bay adds realism and balanced weight

  • Spektrum electronics enable telemetry via Bluetooth

  • Portal gears can strip if over-torqued

8. FMS RC Crawler Officially Licensed Chevy K5 Blazer

8. FMS RC Crawler Officially Licensed Chevy K5 Blazer

Delivering mini yet mighty performance, the 1/24 scale FMS Chevy K5 Blazer RC crawler blends real 4WD capability with realistic licensed details. Its authentic Chevy body transforms between SUV and pickup styles while the 130 motor and 2-speed transmission supply low-speed prowess or faster driving. Metal-geared portal axles increase clearance and reduce torque twist for stable articulation. The 4-link suspension absorbs terrain impacts smoothly.

An integrated nylon frame reinforces durability to conquer trails. With a length of just 11 inches, it still carries features like a multi-function transmitter, quick-release body, and mechanical shifting for convenience. LED lights add excitement. Offering big fun in a micro package, the K5 RC crawler brings engaging realism and performance that makes Chevrolet’s iconic off-roader thrilling at any size.

Pros And Cons

  • Officially licensed Chevy K5 Blazer body in 1/24 scale

  • Transforms between SUV and pickup styles

  • Portal axles improve clearance and decrease torque twist

  • 4-link suspension allows stable articulation

  • Integrated nylon frame improves durability

  • Small 1/24 scale can’t climb very large obstacles

9. WOWRC FMS RC Crawler Toyota Cruiser LC80

RC Jeep Rock Crawler Toyota Cruiser LC80

Delivering licensed realism and rugged performance, the 1/18 scale WOWRC FMS Toyota LC80 RC crawler authentically captures the iconic SUV’s muscular design. Equipped with portal axles, 4WD, and a 2-speed transmission, it tackles varied terrain with ample clearance and customizable speed control. The FCX18 ladder frame reinforced with metal components supply strength, while the coil-over shocks enable smooth articulation. Bright LEDs in 5 modes add excitement, as does an hour of play from the 900mAh battery.

Measuring just 8 inches long, it still carries features like a multi-function transmitter with trim adjustments for precision. With dimensions of 5in x 3.5in x 2.4in, the 2.4GHz controller enables convenient control. Bringing together scale authenticity and capable crawling, the officially licensed LC80 immerses you in Toyota’s renowned off-road heritage.

Pros And Cons

  • Officially licensed 1/18 scale Toyota LC80 body

  • 2-speed transmission enables high/low range control

  • Long-travel coil-over shocks allow stable articulation

  • Reinforced FCX18 ladder frame improves durability

  • 900mAh battery provides up to 1 hour playtime

  • Small 1/18 scale can’t climb very large obstacles

How to Choose the Best RC Jeep Rock Crawler for Your Needs?

Ready to get into the exciting hobby of RC rock crawling? Picking the right radio controlled jeep is crucial to maximizing your off-road fun. With so many options out there, it can be tricky to decide which model is best for your needs and budget. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing an RC rock crawler so you end up with your ideal rig. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, use this advice to find the perfect truck to conquer boulders.

1. Kit vs Ready-to-Run

The first big decision is whether you want to build your own RC jeep rock crawler from a kit or buy a ready-to-run (RTR) model. RC kits allow full customization but require time and mechanical skills to assemble. RTR trucks come pre-built so you can drive immediately. Consider your current ability level and how much time you want to invest when choosing kit vs RTR. For newbies, RTR is the way to go for instant off-road excitement.

2. Scale and Size

Another key consideration is the preferred scale and size of your rock crawler. Most models come in 1/10 and 1/8 scales. Larger 1/8 scales handle rough terrain better but are more expensive. 1/10 scales offer a more nimble, trail-sized option. Also consider the actual dimensions – wider axles and tracks provide more stability. Make sure to match the size and scale to your driving goals. If tackling giant boulders, go bigger. For technical trails, choose narrower.

3. Features and Specs

Now for the fun part – picking features and specs! Prioritize these for rock crawling success:

  • Motor – Brushless motors provide more torque and dernability
  • 4WD/6WD – More driven wheels mean better traction
  • Low CG chassis – Keeps rig stable on steep inclines
  • Locked diffs – Gain traction with consistent wheel speed
  • Long suspension travel – Allows wheels to flex and grip terrain
  • Metal parts – Handles crashes better than plastic parts
  • Slow gearing – Optimal low-speed technical control
  • Good ground clearance – Clear large rocks and obstacles

Pay attention to components that affect power, grip, and control. Don’t skimp on gear!

4. Tires and Wheels

Special attention should go to selecting the right RC tires and wheels, your truck’s only contact with terrain. For rock crawling, prioritize soft sticky rubber compounds for grip. Larger lugs and tread patterns also help. Pick tires sized to match your chosen rig’s scale and lift height. For wheels, durable plastic beadlocks help lock tires to rims when airing down. Tires and wheels make a huge difference!

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking the Best RC Jeep Rock Crawlers

1. What is the best scale for a rock crawler RC jeep?

For beginners, 1/10 scale RC jeep rock crawlers are recommended. They are more nimble on tight trails and cheaper than larger models. For tackling bigger obstacles, 1/8 scale models perform better with their wider stance and bigger tires. 1/8 scales can be twice the cost of 1/10 models.

2. What motor is best for rock crawling performance?

Brushless motors are highly recommended for RC rock crawlers. They provide more torque, power, efficiency and durability than brushed motors. This gives you better throttle control and climbing ability on the rocks.

3. How important are the tires for rock crawling?

Tires are one of the most important parts of a rock crawler. Soft sticky rubber compounds provide more grip on rocks. Deeper lugs and treads also improve traction and grip. Air down the tires to increase contact patch as well. Tires sized proportional to the truck help with stability.

4. What chassis features help most for rock crawling?

A chassis with a low center of gravity and good approach/departure angles is best. This keeps the rig stable on steep climbs. Long suspension travel lets the wheels flex and grip terrain. Skid plates also help glide over rocks. Chassis flex allows more wheel contact for traction.

5. Why are gear ratios important?

Low gear ratios create more wheel torque, which is needed for carefully crawling over obstacles. High-speed gearing isn’t necessary for rock crawling, so look for trucks geared low for technical terrain.

6. How vital are the electronics?

A quality high-torque steering servo gives precise turning ability. Waterproofing protects electronics from terrain. Multiple operating modes let you tune throttle and braking for rocks. A drag brake adds extra control on steep descents.

7. What upgrades improve rock crawling ability?

Upgrades like locker differentials, 2-speed transmission kits, metal c-hubs, aluminum links, panhard bars, heavy shocks, beadlock wheels and LED light bars help boost performance on extreme terrain.

8. Are ready-to-run models good for beginners?

Yes, RTR trucks allow beginners to get driving and enjoying the hobby right away. Upgrade parts over time to make the truck more capable. RTRs save the hassle of building from a kit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to scaling rocky terrain and conquering the toughest trails, a specialized RC rock crawler is the only way to go. With their optimized features like 4WD, low gearing, flex suspension and grippy tires, these radio controlled trucks are engineered to drive where no other RC can. While the options may seem endless, keep in mind your experience level, budget, preferred scale, and performance needs when selecting the perfect rig. Invest in quality components and take the time to properly maintain your crawler for best results. With the right truck, your off-road adventures will reach new heights. The thrill of overcoming seemingly impassable boulders and steep cliffs is like no other.

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