Radio controlled military trucks allow hobbyists to recreate the rugged vehicles used by armed forces around the world. With scale models that mirror real-life Humvees, transport trucks, and tanks, RC military trucks offer exciting opportunities for adventure. In this buyers’ guide, we will explore some of the best RC military trucks on the market today and what makes them stand out. From scale details to off-road performance, we will cover the features that make these radio controlled trucks fun and realistic. Whether you are a military enthusiast or just love rugged, off-road RC vehicles, this guide will highlight some of the best options available for your next RC military truck adventure.

List of the Best RC Military Trucks

Check out the thorough review of the best RC military trucks below.

1. Rochobby FMS 1/12 1941 MB Scaler Willys Jeep RC Military Truck

1. Rochobby FMS 1/12 1941 MB Scaler Willys Jeep RC Military Truck

The Fms Rochobby 1/12 scale 1941 Willys MB RC military truck delivers impressive technical crawling ability and realistic scale details. This ready-to-run 4×4 platform features a durable hunter green body with intricate pad-printed designs, canvas seats, metal ladder frame, leaf springs, dampers, and a multi-LED lighting system with headlights, taillights, and a blackout lamp. Its 2.4GHz transmitter provides versatile control with two speed modes suitable for beginners or experts.

On the trails, the Willys chassis shines with its sturdy ladder frame, robust multi-leaf suspension, and offset differentials that equip it to handle mud, rocks, sand, and other tough terrain. Additional scale accessories like a rear seat, axe, shovel, bins, rotating steering wheel, and fuel tank further enhance realism. For its blend of scale accuracy, LED lighting effects, and proven off-road prowess on demanding trails, the Fms Rochobby Willys MB is a top choice for RC military truck fans ready for rugged adventure.

Pros And Cons

  • Realistic scale details and accessories

  • Durable 4×4 off-road performance

  • Multi-LED lighting system

  • 2-speed modes suit beginners and experts

  • Sturdy chassis and suspension

  • Can’t handle water or extremely rocky terrain

2. EAZYRC X FMS 1/12 GM HMMWV H1 RC Military Truck

2. EAZYRC X FMS 1/12 GM HMMWV H1 RC Military Truck

The 1/12 scale EAZYRC X FMS HMMWV H1 delivers rugged off-road action in a highly detailed, officially licensed replica. Its ABS shell features body rivets and panels that open to reveal a complete interior. With front and rear axle steering, this RC crawler tackles tight turns and obstacles. Under the hood, a 370 motor provides speed up to 8km/h aided by 3 x 9g servos and a 3-speed transmission. Bright LEDs recreate HMMWV lighting effects like signals and brake lights across 5 modes. Differential locking allows maintained wheel speed for stability in turns. On rugged terrain, the HMMWV’s steering versatility, LED effects, detailed shell, and hardy components equip it to take on mud, rocks, and harsh conditions.

Pros And Cons

  • Officially licensed replica design

  • Front and rear steering capabilities

  • 3-speed transmission with differential lock

  • 5 LED lighting modes

  • Detailed and opening shell

  • Not waterproof

3. Rochobby FMS 1/6 MB Scaler RC Military Truck

3. Rochobby FMS 1/6 MB Scaler RC Military Truck

The 1/6 scale Rochobby FMS MB Scaler delivers exceptional military replica realism merged with proven RC crawling capability. Its injection-molded body precisely replicates the WWII-era MB Willys Jeep down to working lights, fold-down windshield, engine hood, spare wheel, and tiny details like printed labels and strapped shovel/axe. Underneath, a beadlock wheeled, 324mm wheelbase ladder frame chassis and 35T 550 motor provide torque and grip for rugged off-roading. Oil-filled shocks soften terrain impacts while the waterproof receiver/ESC and 2.4GHz radio system extend run times across all conditions. From muddy trails to rocky inclines, the MB Scaler’s scale accuracy, terrain-taming durability, and historical detailing make it a top choice for RC enthusiasts and military history buffs alike seeking the ultimate driveable 1/6 Willys MB replica.

Pros And Cons

  • Highly realistic injection molded body

  • Detailed accessories and finishes

  • Rugged chassis and suspension

  • Waterproof electronics

  • Strong torque and grip

  • High price for RC military truck

4. Nifeliz Warrior RC Military Truck

4. Nifeliz Warrior RC Military Truck

Bringing an iconic military vehicle to life, the Nifeliz Warrior building kit assembles into a highly detailed 1:8 scale model. Consisting of 3,175 parts, this replica truck packs authentic features like a functional V8 engine, winch, shovel, opening doors and hood, bulletproof armor detailing, and working steering. Its rugged off-road style takes form through chunky tires, roll bars, and a rear equipment rack. When completed, the 19 inch long Warrior makes an impressive display model thanks to its realistic military design. With numbered bags for organized building and a full instruction manual, this immersive 3,175 piece kit provides an engaging project for military fans and car modeling enthusiasts alike. Both the assembly process and finished replica deliver an enriching hands-on experience.

Pros And Cons

  • Over 3,000 pieces for very detailed build

  • Authentic military vehicle replication

  • Functional parts like engine, steering

  • Detailed instruction manual included

  • Impressive 1:8 finished scale

  • Very time intensive 3,000+ piece build

5. Kingkong 1/12 CA30/ZISL-151 6×6 Soviet RC Military Truck

5. Kingkong 1/12 CA30/ZISL-151 6x6 Soviet RC Military Truck

This 1/12 scale unassembled kit replicates the iconic 6-wheeled Soviet ZISL-151 military truck with intricate accuracy. At over 12 pounds, its rugged metal ladder frame chassis, axles, leaf springs and transmission form a highly durable foundation. The ABS plastic cab features opening doors and hood along with realistic detailing. With aluminum alloy and zinc components rounding out the sturdy build, the finished 22.5 inch long, 8.3 inch tall truck resembles a scale heavy duty off-roader. While electronics, motors and tires are sold separately, the Kingkong ZISL-151 kit provides an ideal starting point for builders to customize painting, accessories and RC components. For Soviet military history fans seeking an accurate chassis to create a radio controlled ZISL-151 workhorse, this metal-framed 1/12 kit delivers an authentic replica platform.

Pros And Cons

  • Sturdy metal frame and components

  • Intricately detailed ABS plastic cab

  • Opening doors and hood

  • Ideal for customization

  • Accurate 1/12 scale replica

  • Electronics/motor sold separately

6. Spobot RC Military Transpotr Truck

6. Spobot RC Military Transpotr Truck

Bringing rugged military styling to life, this 1/16 scale Spobot RC truck delivers adventurous off-road action. Its durable ABS and metal construction houses a 180 motor and 7.4V 500mAh lithium battery that enable speeds up to 15 km/h. Large treaded tires coupled with a spring damping suspension system help smooth bumps across rough terrain. A 2.4GHz remote controller ensures responsive steering via a 17g servo, providing a control range over 150 feet. Bright LEDs create front and rear lights in yellow and red hues. With its simulated military design complete with cargo rack in back and machine gun on top, the Spobot truck has the scale details to match its performance prowess across grass, dirt trails and backyard adventures.

Pros And Cons

  • Durable ABS and metal construction

  • Powerful motor provides 15 km/h max speed

  • Suspension helps smooth rough terrain

  • 2.4GHz remote with 150+ foot range

  • Simulated military design details

  • Not waterproof or for heavy use

7. REMOKING RC Military Truck With Camera

7. REMOKING RC Military Truck With Camera

Blending rugged military style with innovative control, this REMOKING RC truck delivers a unique driving experience. Its 4-wheel drivetrain and grippy tires enable climbing over grass, dirt trails and varied terrain. A built-in WiFi camera streams real-time video to smartphones for an immersive first-person view while driving. The 2.4GHz radio remote offers traditional control up to 50 meters away. Power comes from a 500mAh battery supporting 20 minute runtimes and 1 pound payloads. LED headlights add to the military aesthetics. Whether piloting via remote or mobile app, this agile all-terrain truck provides interactive fun for kids and adults. The removable WiFi camera adds a modern twist to RC play for drivers seeking to expand their skills.

Pros And Cons

  • Real-time FPV driving via WiFi camera

  • Traditional 2.4GHz remote control

  • All-terrain performance and grip

  • Long 20 minute battery life

  • Interactive app control option

  • WiFi streaming can lag

8. Mostop 1/16 RC Military Truck

8. Mostop 1/16 RC Military Truck

Bringing rugged military style to life, this 1/16 scale Mostop RC truck delivers realistic off-road action. Its scaled design includes opening doors, swinging wiper blades, bright headlights, and a cargo bed for transporting RC figures. A 2.4GHz remote enables driving up to 150 feet away while dual motors provide ample power to tackle dirt, grass and uneven terrain. Independent suspension springs smooth out bumps and vibration across rough conditions. The 7.4V rechargeable battery supports 35-40 minutes of playtime per 3-4 hour charge. With its simulated military aesthetics from headlights to cargo areas combined with performance to traverse backyards or parks, this Mostop truck provides immersive play as a solo RC vehicle or part of a scale military scene.

Pros And Cons

  • Realistic military design with opening parts

  • 150 foot remote control range

  • Independent suspension for rough terrain

  • 40 minutes of drive time per charge

  • Customizable with RC figures

  • Only includes one battery

9. GoolRC 1/12 RC Military Truck

9. GoolRC 1/12 RC Military Truck

Bringing military ruggedness to a scaled replica, this 1/12 GoolRC RC truck delivers realistic styling and performance. A simulated cabin with opening doors and detailed dash pairs with bright LED headlights and a metal C-frame allowing over 1.5kg payloads. Its 6-wheel-drive drivetrain powered by a 7.4V battery enables climbing speeds up to 20 km/h for conquering dirt, grass and rough terrain. A 2.4GHz remote controller provides a 55 meter range while self-righting functions get the truck back on track if flipped. Differential controls assist precise maneuvering and stability at high speeds or on uneven ground.

Pros And Cons

  • Durable metal C-frame and components

  • Scaled military design with cabin details

  • 55 meter remote control range

  • Up to 20 km/h top speed

  • Self-righting ability if flipped

  • Battery charger not included

10. JJRC 1/16 RC Military Truck

10. JJRC 1/16 RC Military Truck

JJRC’s 1/16 scale RC military truck delivers rugged off-road action and cargo carrying versatility. Its 6-wheel drivetrain and treaded tires equip it to climb over grass, dirt, slopes and uneven terrain aided by leaf spring suspension. A 2.4GHz transmitter enables interference-free control up to 131 feet away. Reaching max speeds up to 12 km/h, two 7.4V 900mAh batteries double runtime to 40-70 minutes between charges. Bright LED headlights add scale realism to the front grille. The rear bed provides over 500g of hauling capacity for transporting RC figures or gear, adding to the utility.

Pros And Cons

  • 6-wheel drivetrain with leaf springs

  • Up to 40-70 minutes of drive time

  • 500g cargo carrying capacity

  • Bright front LED headlights

  • Durable construction for outdoor use

  • Top speed only 12 km/h

How to Choose the Best RC Military Trucks?

Radio controlled (RC) military trucks are a popular hobby for enthusiasts who want to experience scaled-down versions of real military vehicles. These incredibly detailed trucks come equipped with features like all-terrain treads, working headlights and taillights, and even smoke effects to mimic the real thing. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to decide which RC military truck is right for you. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing your ideal RC military vehicle.

1. Consider Your Skill Level

The first thing to think about is your current skill level with operating RC vehicles. Some RC military trucks are better suited for beginners, while others offer controls and capabilities that are best handled by more advanced RC drivers. If you’re new to the hobby, look for 1/12 or 1/16 scale RC trucks that are designed for easy handling. For experienced RC enthusiasts looking for more of a challenge, 1/6 scale rigs offer full-function remote controls and advanced multi-link suspension systems for taking on rugged terrain.

2. Pick Your Ideal Scale

One of the exciting aspects of RC military trucks is that they offer the chance to replicate real military vehicles in miniature. So consider what scale truck (relative vehicle size) fits your preferences.

Larger 1/16 scale trucks are more stable for handling rough outdoor conditions. Smaller 1/12 or 1/16 scale models offer more portability and are well-suited for indoor obstacle courses. Just keep in mind that smaller scale trucks are more fragile and have smaller parts.

3. Focus on Realistic Details

For military history buffs, finding an RC truck with accurate decorative details can make the experience even more rewarding. Look for features like precisely painted camo patterns, scale accessories like ladders or spare tires, and complete interiors visible through tiny windows. Brands like HPI specialize in highly realistic RC military replicas.

4. Compare Motor Types

Brushless motors provide longer runtimes and faster speeds, while brushed motors are more affordable but wear out more quickly. Consider which motor best fits how you plan to use your RC military rig. Brushless is better for frequent off-roading, while brushed works fine for occasional backyard runs.

5. Check the Terrain Rating

Military-style RC trucks are built to handle tough terrain. The most capable models have 4WD with differential locking axles, high ground clearance, quality shocks, and aggressive treaded tires. These specs allow them to climb over rocks and roots, power through mud, and handle jumps.

6. Consider Extra Functions

For added realism, look for RC military trucks with smoke generators, sound effects, and functional lights. These extra features amp up the excitement and allow for military-style maneuvers like laying down smoke screens or patrolling with night ops lighting effects.

7. Set a Budget

RC military trucks range widely in price from under $100 to over $500. Consider how much you want to invest as you weigh factors like quality, scale, detailing, and capability. With proper care, higher-end RC military trucks can provide years of enjoyment.

RC military trucking is an incredibly fun hobby that lets you bring your favorite armed forces vehicles to life in miniature. Following this guide will help ensure you select the ideal RC military rig to fit your experience level, budget, and interests. Soon you’ll be ready to head out on thrilling RC adventures and share your hobby passion with other enthusiasts. Just remember to drive safely and avoid any actual combat operations!

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking the Best RC Military Trucks

1. What are the most popular scales for RC military trucks?

The most popular scales for RC military trucks are 1/6, 1/12, and 1/16. 1/6 scale models are the largest and most detailed while 1/12 scale trucks are smaller and more portable. 1/12 scale is a good middle ground. Larger trucks typically handle outdoor terrain better while smaller ones are good for indoor use.

2. What features make an RC military truck high quality?

High quality RC military trucks have realistic details like camo paint schemes, scale accessories, and full interiors. They also have durable parts, 4WD with locking differentials, oil-filled shocks, and aggressive treaded tires for handling rough terrain. Quality trucks use brushless motors for power and long run times.

3. What extra functions add to the realism of RC military trucks?

Added realism comes from scale details like smoke generators, flashing LED lights and siren sounds, and proportional steering. These make RC military trucks mimic full-size vehicles used by armed forces. Working headlights allow for patrolling maneuvers.

4. How fast can RC military trucks drive?

Speeds vary by model but most top out around 20-30 mph. Large 1/16 scale brushed motor trucks reach around 20 mph. Smaller trucks and those with brushless motors can exceed 30 mph. Speed controllers allow throttling power for safe control.

5. How long will the battery last in an RC military truck?

Run time depends on motor type, battery capacity, and usage. Brushed motor trucks get 10-15 minutes per charge. Brushless systems with lithium-ion batteries provide 20+ minutes. Batteries are quick to recharge so you can swap them for extended runtime.

6. What is the best RC military truck for a beginner?

Beginners do best with 1/12 or 1/16 scale models. They have simple controls and are durable for handling new driver mistakes. Smaller scales and slower speeds make learning easier.

7. What maintenance do RC military trucks require?

General maintenance like recharging batteries, cleaning the truck body and wheels, lubricating axles and checking suspension parts for wear should be done regularly. Replace tires when worn. Check for loose screws or slipping parts.

8. Can you drive RC military trucks in water or mud?

Models with waterproof electronics can run through shallow water and mud. Oil-filled waterproof shocks cushion the suspension on rough terrain. Wash trucks after dirty runs and avoid submerging the motor. Not all models are fully waterproof.

9. Are replacement parts available for RC military trucks?

Yes, most manufacturers offer replacement parts like tires, gears, shocks, and body panels for purchase. Aftermarket parts are also available. Make repairs promptly to avoid further damage.

10. What accessories are recommended for RC military trucks?

Useful accessories include extra batteries for extended run times, battery chargers, tools for repairs, spare tires, heavy duty suspension parts for extreme terrain, LED light kits, and motor/ESC cooling fans for brushless systems.

Final Thoughts

RC military trucks offer an exciting way to experience iconic combat vehicles in miniature. As we’ve covered, choosing the best RC military trucks means considering your skill level, preferred scale size, need for realistic details, motor type, terrain rating, extra functions, and budget. This ensures you pick the perfect truck for enjoying this fun and growing hobby. With so many great models on the market with innovative features, there’s an ideal RC military truck out there for everyone from scale modeling beginners to seasoned RC experts. Just be sure to drive yours responsibly and avoid any pretend combat. We hope this guide gave you the essentials for choosing a high-quality RC military truck that will provide hours of off-road adventure.

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