Traxxas has long been one of the leading brands in RC vehicles, producing high-performance models ideal for racing and stunts. Two of their flagship trucks are the XRT and the X-Maxx, both packed with power and innovative designs. While the XRT and X-Maxx share similarities, they also have key differences that make each model unique.

In this guide, we’ll compare the designs and performance of the Traxxas XRT and X-Maxx, looking at speed, durability, size, and other specs. We’ll highlight the strengths of each truck to help you determine which Traxxas model is the better choice for your RC needs. Whether you’re looking for a racing truck or a bashable stunt machine, the XRT and X-Maxx represent the best Traxxas has to offer. Read on to see how these iconic Traxxas models stack up!

Overview of the Traxxas XRT

Traxxas XRT

The Traxxas XRT features a race-inspired chassis design engineered for speed and handling. It has a low center of gravity thanks to its wide, flat stance and low-profile body. The dual 6700 4S LiPo battery packs are positioned low in the chassis to further lower the CG.

It packs extreme 8S power with the Velineon 1200XL brushless motor and VXL-8S speed control. This powertrain can push the Traxxas XRT to speeds over 60mph. The drivetrain uses proven components like steel CV axles, a splined aluminum center driveshaft, and hardened steel ring and pinion gears in the differentials.

Durability comes from the rigid composite tub chassis and beefy suspension arms. The GTX shocks feature machined aluminum bodies and 5.2mm shafts. The patented clipless body mounts securely via an internal cage and is easy to remove.

The Traxxas XRT rolls on 7.4″ Gravix race tires mounted on 4.0″ matte black wheels. The low-profile tires are optimized for responsiveness and traction on hard surfaces. Slowing things down are the 365 oz-in waterproof steering servo and electronic brake system.

Overview of the Traxxas X-Maxx

Traxxas X-Maxx

The Traxxas X-Maxx lives up to its name with its mammoth size and 8-inch tall tires on dual-diameter wheels. The long suspension arms and huge ground clearance allow it to tackle extreme terrain.

Under the hood, it packs 30+ volts of 8S extreme power from the Velineon 1200XL brushless motor and VXL-8s speed control. This gives it explosive acceleration and top speeds over 50mph.

Durability comes from its rigid composite tub chassis, beefy drivetrain with steel gears, and the Cush Drive system. The differentials use hardened steel bevel gears and silicone fluid. The GTX shocks have machined aluminum bodies and 5.2mm shafts.

The innovative motor mount allows easy gear mesh adjustments and better protects the system from impacts. The batteries are held securely with a snap-lock retention system integrated into the chassis.

For handling, it has a high-output steering servo, double shear suspension points, and fixed camber/toe links. The tires use a specially formulated 8S rubber compound for grip.

Direct Comparison of the Traxxas XRT and X-Maxx

1. Speed and Acceleration

  • Traxxas XRT: With the Velineon 1200XL motor, VXL-8s speed control, and 8S power, the Traxxas XRT can reach speeds over 60mph. Its low-profile chassis and race tires are optimized for acceleration and handling.
  • Traxxas X-Maxx: The Traxxas X-Maxx shares the same Velineon power system and can hit 50+mph. But its extra bulk and monster truck tires mean it can’t quite match the XRT’s pace.

2. Durability and Strength

  • Traxxas XRT: Built on the proven X-Maxx drivetrain and equipped with a rigid composite tub chassis, the Traxxas XRT is plenty durable for racing and stunts.
  • Traxxas X-Maxx: With its steel gears, robust construction, and reputation for taking insane punishment, the Traxxas X-Maxx is simply unmatched for strength. It’s the most durable RC truck Traxxas makes.

3. Size and Handling

  • Traxxas XRT: Significantly smaller than the Traxxas X-Maxx with a wider, lower stance. Optimized for high speed racing and stability.
  • Traxxas X-Maxx: The mammoth size and ground clearance allows it to blast through any terrain, but makes it less nimble than the lower-slung Traxxas XRT.

4. Customization and Modifications

  • Traxxas XRT: Race-ready out of the box but still offers room for gearing changes, shock tuning, and upgraded wheels/tires to further dial in performance.
  • Traxxas X-Maxx: Huge aftermarket support allows for motor, drivetrain, and suspension upgrades to increase power or durability. Massive size lends itself to creative modifications.

5. Price

  • Traxxas XRT: $1,099.95
  • Traxxas X-Maxx: $999.99

So while the Traxxas XRT has the edge in speed and handling, the Traxxas X-Maxx is widely considered the most durable and mod-friendly RC monster truck you can buy. Both excel in their respective categories.

Traxxas XRT vs X-Maxx: Which is Better for What?

1. Traxxas XRT Better for Racing

Traxxas XRT

The Traxxas XRT is engineered from the ground up for high speed racing and performance. Its key advantages include:

  • Low center of gravity and wide stance for superior handling and stability at speed
  • Low-profile racing tires with less sidewall flex offer sharper turn-in and responsiveness
  • Race-tuned suspension geometry provides precise cornering and control
  • Velineon power system optimized for acceleration across the RPM range
  • More nimble size and lower weight than the Traxxas X-Maxx

2. Traxxas X-Maxx Better for Stunts and Bashing

Traxxas X-Maxx

When it comes to hardcore stunts and all-out bashing, the Traxxas X-Maxx reigns supreme with:

  • Massive size and ground clearance to blast through any terrain or obstacle
  • Extreme durability from its steel drivetrain, bulkheads, and rigid chassis
  • Huge power delivering massive acceleration, wheelying, and air
  • Highly customizable and mod-friendly for upgrades
  • Iconic style and reputation as the ultimate RC monster truck

So for race-inspired performance and handling, the Traxxas XRT can’t be beat. But for sheer power and the ability to take insane jumps and punishment, the legendary Traxxas X-Maxx remains the top stunt and bash RC truck.

Frequent Asked Questions Comparing the Traxxas XRT and X-Maxx RC trucks

1. What are the main differences between the Traxxas XRT and X-Maxx?

The Traxxas XRT is engineered for high speed racing with its low center of gravity chassis and dialed suspension. The Traxxas X-Maxx is an iconic monster truck built for insane stunts and bashing thanks to its massive size, ground clearance, and extreme durability.

2. Which one is faster?

The Traxxas XRT has the edge in speed, with its race-tuned Velineon power system able to hit over 60mph. The Traxxas X-Maxx tops out around 50mph. The Traxxas XRT’s low stance, racing tires, and focus on acceleration give it better pace and handling at speed.

3. Which is more durable?

The Traxxas X-Maxx is widely regarded as the most durable RC truck thanks to its rugged steel drivetrain, thick chassis, and reputation for surviving insane jumps and crashes. The Traxxas XRT is plenty durable with its Traxxas X-Maxx inspired drivetrain but can’t quite match the Traxxas X-Maxx for hardcore bashing strength.

4. How is the size and handling different?

The Traxxas XRT has a much lower profile and wider stance than the hulking Traxxas X-Maxx, making it more nimble and optimized for cornering grip at speed. The Traxxas X-Maxx uses its mammoth size and ground clearance to blast over any terrain but isn’t as precise at high speeds.

5. Can you customize and modify them?

Both trucks offer customization potential. The Traxxas XRT can be dialed in further with gearing, wheels, tires, and suspension tuning. The Traxxas X-Maxx has a huge aftermarket for motor, drivetrain and suspension upgrades to increase durability or power output.

6. Which is better for racing or going fast?

The Traxxas XRT is the clear choice for RC racing. Its low center of gravity, optimized suspension geometry, light weight, and Velineon power give it superior handling and acceleration for maximum speed.

7. Which is better for big stunts and bashing?

The Traxxas X-Maxx is engineered for huge airs, stunts, and bashing with its insane durability, high ground clearance, mammoth size and 30+ volts of 8S extreme power. It’s simply in a league of its own for RC monster truck fun.

8. Which one should I get?

It depends on how you plan to drive. For racing and speed, get the dialed Traxxas XRT. For over-the-top bashing and stunts, the Traxxas X-Maxx still rules. Either way you get an incredible high-performance Traxxas truck.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In comparing the Traxxas XRT and X-Maxx, it’s clear that both models represent the pinnacle of Traxxas engineering and performance in their respective categories.

The Traxxas XRT leverages race-inspired design with its low center of gravity chassis, dialed suspension geometry, and Velineon power system tuned for speed. This makes it the top choice for RC racing and setting lap times.

Meanwhile, the legendary Traxxas X-Maxx still reigns supreme for over-the-top stunts and bashing with its brute size and strength. Its extreme durability and customization potential cement its status as the ultimate monster truck.

Ultimately, the right choice comes down to how you plan to use your RC truck. For those looking to compete in races or simply go fast while still having versatility, the Traxxas XRT is hard to beat. If maximum power and being able to drive off roof jumps matters most, then the iconic Traxxas X-Maxx remains the king of RC monster trucks.

Either way, Traxxas offers two incredible high-performance trucks. Focus on how you want to drive and you can confidently pick the perfect model for your RC needs.

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